The Green Mystic Story

After witnessing the positive impact of CBD in her own life as a working professional, India realized that the path to a balanced lifestyle isn’t an either/or situation for women. It is a both/and experience.

Green Mystic Organica is a premium CBD brand developed with women in mind. Whether an at-home mom juggling the demands of digital learning, a professional navigating the corporate world or a mom of fur babies – there’s something calming available for everyone. Our premium CBD products are crafted with the finest ingredients to deliver nature, nurture and balance.


Hi! I’m India, a professional in human services and advocate for self-care. I began using CBD to aid in the treatment of social anxiety that I experienced as a result of trauma as a teenager. Early in my career I was stalled, afraid to speak and be seen. CBD allowed me to show up without fear of being seen, but rather in the confidence of being seen. When I began noting the results I experienced, I wanted to share that same calm confidence with other women that I came in contact with. Green Mystic Organica was created from this place. I believe that caring for ourselves first allows us to better care for other things we are responsible for.

By trained profession I am a counselor that deals with children. This means I also spend a great deal of time interacting with parents and caregivers. I see the stress. I recognize the anxiety. I know the feelings. Everyone is doing their best to get through the phases of growing up, kids and parents alike. While raising kids is for lifetime, it’s not always going to be this hard. CBD helps bring balance.

Green Mystic Organica is a lifestyle brand I created with women and their families in mind. The premise behind our products is that it takes both nature and nurture to live a balanced life. When you as a woman are calm, those around you also receive permission to be calm. Green Mystic Organica is an invitation for you to experience nature, nurture and balance. Our products are an invitation to care and be cared for.

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